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About Us

It Started with Kickstarter…

Thanks to our earliest fans for believing in Magi-Knights enough to back our Kickstarter project in 2022!

Upon the completion of our Kickstarter in June 2022, 783 backers pledged $48,025 to help bring this project to life, in addition to a plethora of late-backers worldwide.  We’re incredibly grateful for all of you and your continuing support!


But It Was Only the Beginning!

Did you know that a new Magi-Knights Awakening Kickstarter is coming in 2024? Additionally, new Episodes are being continuously created and designed, while a Light Novel style tie-in has already been written by Derek, the Game Designer, and is pending artwork. Two board games which explore the Magi-Knights Universe are already in the early stages of development while the Japanese translation of the Core Rulebook is underway!

After the release of Episodes 1-3 of the canon Saga and the aforementioned projects, you can expect to see us tackling a variety of creative mediums to expand the universe and breathe even more life into Magi-Knights!

About the Creators

Derek and Kira Salgy reside in Utah with their daughter, their son, and their cat, Cloud. Derek’s love for public service has always shown in his job choices, which include many years as a school teacher while his passion for fantasy and game design began as soon as he played Final Fantasy 1 on his NES at tender age of 5.

Although Kira majored in Elementary Education and loves to volunteer to help animals, the main focus of her life has always been her family. With Derek’s 20+ years as a Game Master and writing experience, and Kira’s business management and artistic eye, they make the perfect team to bring memorable stories and games to life!