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 The Lore

After you’ve made the decision to become a Magi-Knight, the Herald saves your life, and in turn creates your Soul Crystal, the unique object you use to Transform and to Track Outsiders.

Unless you are a local of the large and coastal Lapis City, it is from there that your family or guardians are curiously given some new opportunity that requires them (and you) to move to Lapis City right away.

As you play, you can travel to various locales that you’ll soon be intimately accustomed to such as: Pink Kat’s Cat Café, DING! Level Up! Arcade, Lavender Mall, Hero Power Comics & Games, and many others! Once you get the lay of the city, you and your friends will get to know its distinctive residents, and start to uncover the secrets it holds.

The main enemies of the Magi-Knights are the Cthulhu Mythos-inspired Spectral Outsiders that hail from the alternate dimension of Elsewhere. They and the mortals that have dedicated themselves to the unknown Harbingers are frequently behind the tragedies in Lapis City. These mortal Cultists might be an old friend, a trusted mentor, or just about anyone. There’s no telling who you can trust and where the next mystery will lead you.

Even the Heralds themselves are quite a mystery. Behind their cute (or charming) exterior, they house many secrets and are often unpredictable. Where did they come from, and are their reasons for recruiting you to become a Magi-Knight as innocent as they seem? 

What is Magi-Knights?

Magi-Knights is a Magical Girl and Sentai tabletop roleplaying game with rules based on the D&D 5th Edition Open Gaming License, and is set in the 1990s. The theme and mechanics were heavily inspired by shows and video games of that time period such as Sailor Moon and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, while also drawing inspiration from more modern ones like Madoka Magica and Persona.

Each player creates a Magi-Knight and teams up with other players to form a Squadron. During the day, the Magi-Knights will be in their Student Persona and go to high school or college and interact with their classmates and teachers. At night, when the Spectral Outsiders and Servants of Evil prowl the city committing their misdeeds against the innocent, the players transform into their Magi-Knight Persona to solve mysteries, vanquish enemies, and discover the true intent of the Invading Evil!

One player will act as the Game Master,  known in Magi-Knights as the Magic Keeper. They are responsible for telling the story, creating hazards, and immersing their players in intrigue and mystery. They will have first-hand knowledge of the Magi-Knight setting and delve into secrets that only the Herald knows!

The Herald is an otherworldly human or magical creature that is played by the Magic Keeper, and represents their personal, vested interest in the success of the squadron. They are a mentor, companion, and personal alchemist to the Magi-Knights, and the one who brought them all together. 

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